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Phoebe Merrick

Look at Romsey

Town Design Statement for Romsey


Prepared by a team of volunteers in the area under the auspices of the
Romsey and District Society.

Area Map


Area Setting and Landscape

Whitenap shop
Whitenap shop

Whitenap is an area of Romsey located on the flat plateau above the eastern bank of the River Test. The area is bounded to the north by Botley Road and beyond it on the east is Luzborough Lane (A27). With the exception of Elmtree Gardens all the roads in Whitenap lie to the south of Botley Road. Whitenap Lane marks the western and southern road edges of the area although the Five Elms estate is south of this road. Grounds of Mountbatten school
Grounds of Mountbatten School as seen from The Thicket.

Whitenap is almost wholly residential with a very settled population. These factors help to give a sense of community and of belonging to the area by the residents. There is one convenience shop and Post Office at the junction of Northlands Road and Botley Road. Halterworth Primary School, and The Mountbatten School and the Luzborough public house lie just outside the area of this survey, but the latter two are regarded as being part of Whitenap by the residents.

Thatched Cottage
Thatched Cottage
People appreciate the area for its proximity to Romsey, while not having the perceived drawbacks of town centre living. Its place on the edge of town makes for easy access to nearby towns or to the countryside. The attractiveness of the area, including its quietness, is a major factor in people choosing to live here.

Both Whitenap and Luzborough are names found in medieval documents, and are derived from Anglo-Saxon names. It is possible that there have been dwellings in this area since before the Norman Conquest. There is a terrace of thatched cottages in Whitenap Lane and another thatched cottage in Botley Road, but apart from these and the farms, Whitenap has twentieth century houses.

Some ribbon development took place along the north-south stretch of Whitenap Lane and along Botley Road in the interwar period. Part of Northlands Road was also built in the 1930s. In 1962 it was extended to form a spine road through the estate, linking to Montfort Road. Thus Whitenap Lane forms an outer circulatory road and Northlands Road/Montfort Road an inner circulatory road. Five Elms Drive is also a circulatory road, giving access to the Covert and The Thicket. The rest of Whitenap consists of cul-de-sacs which are spurs off these and Botley Road. Most of these cul-de-sacs are dead ends for both traffic and pedestrians. Cul de Sac in Sycamore Close
Cul de Sac in Sycamore Close

View of distant hills
View of distant hills
Botley Road Recreation Ground lies to the west of Whitenap Lane. It is a public open space, as is the cemetery which lies across Botley Road in Tadburn Valley (Area 3) the trees and chapels of which are highly valued. Much of Whitenap is adjacent to open farmland or the playing fields of Mountbatten school. Many houses overlook this rural landscape. Beside Botley Road there are open fields that form a local gap separating Romsey from North Baddesley.

From the Botley Road recreation ground, there is a view right across the Test valley and to the town of Romsey. The Lombardy poplars along the Romsey By-Pass and the trees on the skyline to the west are amongst the views that are particularly regarded.


Design Recommendations

Arrow The fields forming the local gap between Botley Road and North Baddesley should be preserved
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