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Phoebe Merrick

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Town Design Statement for Romsey


Prepared by a team of volunteers in the area under the auspices of the
Romsey and District Society.

Area Map

Area Setting and Landscape

Whitenap shop
Tadburn Lake in Tadburn Meadows

Halterworth lies on the eastern plateau above the Test valley. Part of the plateau is cut through by the valley side of the tributary stream, Tadburn Lake.

The area is bounded on the north by the railway line that runs through the floor of the Tadburn valley. On the east the houses of Halterworth Lane form the boundary and the edge of the built-up area. Botley Road forms the southern boundary. The western boundary is formed by the outer curve of the gardens of Chambers Avenue and Allan Grove. Saxon Way provides access for much of the area, except the streets of the north-east which are accessed directly from Halterworth Lane.

Meon Road
Meon Road

The land alongside Botley Road and the southern half of Halterworth Lane is largely level. The northern part of Halterworth lies on the incline that reaches down to the Tadburn, with varying degrees of steepness. Natural springs and small streams are abundant and drain into the Tadburn.

To the east of the area there are level open fields across which there is a footpath to Highwood Lane. This countryside is much valued by the inhabitants of Halterworth and is a local gap between Romsey and North Baddesley. Halterworth Primary School lies at the southern end of Halterworth Lane and views across its grounds contribute to the feeling of open space in the area. Apart from the school, a shop in Saxon Way, Montfort Hall and offices in Grosvenor Court, the area is wholly residential.

Sheep framed by trees in Halterworth Lane
Sheep framed by trees in Halterworth Lane
The configuration of the area is such that external views are limited, although the trees on the northern slope of the Tadburn valley form part of the skyline, as do the trees of Botley Road cemetery.


Design Recommendations

Arrow Development should preserve the skyline.
Arrow The fields to the east of Halterworth Lane are valued because they contribute to the rural feel of the area.
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