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Phoebe Merrick

Look at Romsey

Town Design Statement for Romsey

Upper Cupernham and Winchester Road

Prepared by a team of volunteers in the area under the auspices of the
Romsey and District Society.

Area Map

Area Setting and Landscape

Upper Cupernham Lane
Upper Cupernham Lane

Upper Cupernham and Winchester Road lie on the eastern bank of the Test Valley which rises up from the valley floor to a small plateau before sloping down to Tadburn Lake. The area of this study is made up of the main slope, together with some level ground to the east. The area is bounded by Cupernham Lane to the west and the railway line to Chandlers Ford to the south. The northern boundary runs behind Brook Way and the eastern boundary is a complex line that includes some of the houses on the east of Woodley Lane and then skirts around south of Fairview Drive before turning north to include the houses that are adjacent to Winchester Road. These include houses in The Crescent some of which are on the valley slope above Tadburn Lake near the railway line.

Winchester Road is part of the A3090, and Cupernham Lane that spurs off it to the north is a local distributor road, although it carries heavy traffic to various industrial estates. Woodley Lane and to a lesser extent, Richmond Lane serve local through traffic. The other roads in this area are purely residential and used for access only.
Cupernham Lane runs along the contour line, so is fairly level, whereas Woodley Lane, Richmond Lane and Brook Way run across the contours and are constructed on the slope of the hill.
View across the area
View across the area

Brook Way - Water course in culvert
Brook Way - Water course in culvert
An original water course from a spring-fed pond to the rear of number 15 Brook Way runs under the back gardens of houses on the south-eastern side of the road to re-emerge in the garden of number 47 and then flows down to the Canal. This stream is one of several small streams in the Cupernham area.

Much of the area was traditionally farm land, with some places from which sand and gravel were extracted. The routes of Cupernham Lane, Winchester Road, Woodley Lane and Richmond Lane were all established by the early nineteenth century. The other roads in this part of Romsey were created in the twentieth century, with the exception of part of The Crescent.
View from Durban Close
View from Durban Close

View of Tadburn from the Hospital
View of Tadburn from the Hospital
The slope of the land means that there are excellent views across the Test valley. The centre of Romsey, especially the Abbey, and the western hills above the valley can be seen from many places in this part of Romsey. From the southern part of the area, especially in places close to Winchester Road such as the hospital car park, the trees and the two chapels of Botley Road Cemetery form part of the skyline.

Open and Other spaces

With one exception, there is little open space in this part of Romsey other than the grounds of the hospital which are private. The entrance to Carisbrooke Court includes a small open area with trees across it. There is a small playground adjacent to Chirk Place and some properties have large private gardens. Playground at Chirk Place
Playground at Chirk Place

Ashley Meadows Mound
Ashley Meadows Mound
The exception is the green in the centre of Ashley Meadows. This is in the form of a mound and has always proved a very special place for children to play. It provides a focus where residents organise various communal gatherings, which are attended by both present and past residents.

Residents of the centre part and south parts of the area are largely without easy access to public open space. They can walk down through lower Cupernham to Martha’s Piece and the open land of Fishlake Meadows but the access is not straightforward and crossing Cupernham Lane between Woodley Lane and Richmond Lane is widely perceived as unsafe. Nonetheless many of the residents of upper Cupernham walk down to the canal and use Canal Walk as a route into town.

There is no obvious off-road option to reach the town centre for the people who live along Winchester Road. The Sun Arch is disliked by pedestrians especially on wet days. Although Winchester Road is physically close to Tadburn Meadows, the absence of a way to cross the railway line blocks off access to that open space. The Sun Arch
The Sun Arch
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