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Phoebe Merrick

Look at Romsey

A town design statement for Romsey

Area One - Whitenap
Including the Five Elms estate and both sides of Botley Road east of Halterworth Lane.
The area is in Tadburn and Romsey Extra wards.

The final Design Statement has been sent to Test Valley Borough Council.
Read it online HERE

Or read it in PDF format HERE

Area One

What happens next?
When comments have been received and considered and a map added, the final document will be presented to Test Valley Borough Council for formal consideration, along with documents from every other part of Romsey and an overview of common issues.

When all sections have been submitted, Test Valley Borough Council will undertake a further public consultation process for which they will prepare an accompanying Sustainability Appraisal. The consultation process will be extended to stakeholders who may include adjoining parish councils, planning agents, developer organisations and other relevant interests.

TVBC will consider the comments received and, as appropriate and practical, will consult the Look at Romsey working party on the recommended response and whether any amendments are needed in the light of them. The complete set of documents, together with the comments received and any recommended amendments will then be considered by TVBC Executive for adoption as a Supplementary Planning Document.

If the document is adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document, it will be professionally laid-out and will then be available to guide the outcome of planning applications in this part of Romsey. Some villages have already had their Village Design Statements accepted and seen them influence the outcome of planning applications.

Northlands Road with May tree in flower
Northlands Road with May tree in flower
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Look at Romsey
Area One